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“Horny Buck seed Co. Sells only the Freshest and Highest Quality Seeds available… HBS has built its name on customer service. I know you will not find a seed company anywhere that will treat you better or stand behind their products like HBS. I am very proud to be working with them. I have had incredible germination rates with this seed it grows BIG and fast and the deer love it. You owe it to yourself to try a bag today.!!”

Tom Mesnard – Total Land Management
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“Big Racks” is one of my favorite HBS seed blends it has it all and grows very well in most soils. It has Alfalfa, Rape, 4 types of Clover, Chicory, and Forage Turnips.! (Plot pictured above is only two months old)

This HBS Clover blends is nothing short of incredible. I have never had such good germination from any other seed company I have ever tried. (The Clover pictured above is only two months old.!)
This Blend has Red Clover, White Clover, Ladino Clover, Alsike Clover, Norcen Trefoil, and Crimson Clover.

This Blend is loaded for late season.! HBS Sweet Frost has Purple Top Turnips, Forage Rape, Giant Rape, and Dwarf Essex Rape. Deer love this blend.! (Food Plot Expert Nathan pictured above inspecting a two month old Sweet Frost plot)

This Blend is another awesome late season plot… Check Mate - will have them coming in all hunting season it stays lush & green all winter long. It has HBS Late Oats, Rye, Winter Peas, and Turnips.
DEAD ZONE – This blend is awesome for small little secluded plots. It grows very fast and will attract deer all hunting season..!!
Dead Zone has Sugar Beets, Radish, Crimson Clover, and Premier Kale.


This Blend is a nice bedding cover mix for open fields on a hunting property. It also works well in corners or buffer strips along wood lots as well.

The blend is awesome for any upland game birds such as Turkey, pheasants, quail, and deer will eat it as well in the late season. It can really help the birds make it through tuff winters.


This blend is awesome for the waterfowl hunter that likes to plant then flood fields in the fall… The deer also really like it when it is young and late season when it gets cold it is very high in carbs they hit it hard in the winter months..
                               Horny Buck Seed Co.
                   Complete line of Deer Mineral
I have tried about every mineral out there and I have been very impressed with HBS minerals. They really attract the deer but just as important they provide all of the minerals and vitamins Bucks need to grow big racks and bodies. HBS minerals also provide Does with all they need to grow big and healthy. It helps the does produce large healthy fawns.
NEW FOR 2013 BOONER MAX                  (Pictured above 3 ½ year old MI Buck)
I have been blown away by the numbers of bucks at my mineral sites since using Booner Max this summer the deer love this stuff and it is making them grow big.!

This mineral is awesome.! It smells very good and deer love it… and again like HBS mineral is known for… it has everything Bucks need to grow big racks and the Does need to grow big healthy fawns.  

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