This is a native grass bedding area on a property I worked on in Buffalo County Wisconsin.


This is your chance to have a total management plan made exclusively for you and your hunting land. Set up by two of Michigan’s top trophy deer hunters and hunting land management experts, Tom Mesnard and Colt White.

For a small price we can help you set up your hunting land so you can harvest trophy bucks consistently for the rest of your life. Learn from two experts that truly know how to manage land for monster bucks on small or large hunting land in heavily hunted areas. We have been doing it for years. This is the most extensive land management program offered, and at price that anyone can afford. Honestly if you own hunting land and you’re not taking trophy bucks most every year on it, you can’t afford not to call today. Please let us help you.
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Some of the things covered in a Total Land Management.

We not only mark spots to place things but go into detail on how do it so when we leave you can get started, for example.

  • Food Plots – We will help you pick locations for plots and show you how to clear the spot. We will clear several that day so you can see hands on how to do it. Colt and I will check the PH of your soil that day and Make recommendations on what to plant and go over in detail how plant your plots. (Not jus say put plot here and walk away.) You do not have time for trial and error that is why we are there.

  • Total nutrition plan for your deer herd – It takes more than food plots for healthy deer. The deer need a good water source as well natural browse from vegetation other than food plots we will show you in detail how to create good browsing areas. We will cover granular minerals as well as what to use and where to put it. We will show you how to improve any wild fruit trees on your land and where to think about planting more as well as how to plant and maintain them. We will explain how to improve natural food sources by just adding fertilizers and witch ones the deer like. For good herd nutrition you must have a variety of food sources. This is a good way to protect your deer because they need not leave your land for anything.

  • Stand sites – We will not only help you pick deadly stand locations. We will explain why to put a stand there, as well as how to make it even better by funneling deer unknowingly right in to range. I will put them in front of you time and time again. Colt and I can explain how to make your stands and blinds disappear by brushing them in and adding materials that help stands and blinds blend in very well.

  • Entry and exit trails – This just may be one of the most important things that a lot of hunters over look. If you are bumping deer when you are going in and out to hunt they know your there and they know hunting them, once at mature buck knows he is being hunted the game is over. I will show where to put these trails and explain why to put them there as well as when to use them AM or PM.

  • Safe / Bedding areas – Tom and Colt will go over how to make safe areas and explain why you need many small safe areas as apposed to one large one. If you have only one safe area on your land you will never have good movement during hunting hours.

A Rainy day in Pike County Illinois

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...other things we cover:

Gun blinds

Aerial photos

Tree stands

How to harvest Does

Safe climbing aids


Hunting pressure

Pheasants forever



Topo maps

How to deal with trespassers

How to make bad hunters / neighbors work for you.


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