2014 Special Events List:

1. ATA Show - Nashville, Tennessee January 6 -8

2. N. E. Ohio Sportsman Show - Dalton, Ohio January 18 - 19

3. S. E. Wisconsin Hunting Show - West Bend, Wisconsin Febuary 14 - 16

4. Wisconsin State Hunting Expo - Green Bay Wisconsin Febuary 21 -23

5 . Minnesota Deer Classic - St. Paul, Minnesota March 7 - 9

6. THE BowHunting Super Show - Columbus, Ohio March 21- 23

7. Cabelas 2014 Archery Classic - Dundee, Michigan

I am available for seminars call (734) 891-8519 or info@tctlm.com to set up dates for appearances.

Some of the seminars I do are as follows.

  1. Bow hunting techniques for pressured bucks.
  2. Food plot planting techniques big and small.
  3. How to hunt food plots for big bucks.
  4. Advanced land management techniques.
  5. Land Management for small properties.
  6. Early season tactics for big bucks.
  7. Advanced rut hunting techniques for big bucks.
  8. Late season tactics for big bucks.
  9. Scouting for big bucks.
  10.  Public land tactics for big bucks.
  11.  How to Find good hunting land and gain permission on a budget.

    If you see something I missed, let me know I can tailor a seminar just for  you and your group!!!!

   I am available for seminars year round. Sometimes of the year my schedule gets very full, so call
(734) 891-8519 or info@tctlm.com  in advance, to set something up for your rod and gun, outdoor club, archery shop or sporting good store.

At T.L.M. we do all we can, to volunteer time to work with local organizations to promote Hunting and shooting sports and to get young folks involved in any kind of outdoor activities.


This is a picture of Joe Geromette from Ypsilanti Michigan . He is 10 years old and is a fine young man and one heck of a bow shot. Keep shooting Joe and we'll see you on the cover of a magazine some day I just know it.


I really enjoyed my time at the JAKES event, you know I may have had more fun than the kids but don't tell anyone. Look forward to doing it again soon. -Tom Mesnard



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