Total Land Management’s Whitetail Boot Camps
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We have helped literally 100’s of hunters; they have come from all over the Midwest and the South. States like Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Louisiana and Canada.

Our T.L.M. boot camps are an incredible learning experience, in an intense but fun and relaxed atmosphere. Come spend the day with us as we go over our exclusive hunting and scent control techniques and talk about and discus yours and our hunting experiences in the extremely informative class room segment of the boot camp. Then we go out and walk our own hunting properties see first hand over 1,000 acres on 8 properties in the Michigan boot camps, showing you our exclusive habitat and stand setups, entry and exit trails, food plots and much more.

Our boot camps show deer hunter’s techniques that are not being written about in any magazines. There is simply not anything that comes close to our boot camps. We spend half a day in the class room going over our extreme scent control methods and hunting techniques that you will not see any where else. Then we will take you out to some of our hunting properties and go over first hand how we set them up. Things like our entry and exit trails and how pick them. As well as how we setup our deadly stand sites. We will show you how to funnel deer to where you want them. As well as how to hunt your land with out the deer knowing they are being hunted with our extreme low impact hunting techniques. On our hunting lands the hunting gets better and better as the year goes on with all the deer in the section moving onto what they think is the only place with no hunting pressure. Little do they know they are being watched!

The class will cover food plots from A-Z. We will go over what seed to plant and where to plant it. As well as a good starting plan for the total nutrition of your deer herd.

Tom and Colt are in my opinion some of the most knowledgeable food plot authorities in the state of Michigan, especially when it comes to small isolated hunting plots that you can not get to with large equipment or any equipment at all. They will show you it is not needed to make beautiful hunting plots. That being said Colt’s family has owned and operated a large dairy farm for many years and Colt has worked it since he could walk, so it is safe to say the boy can run a tractor when it comes to setting up the big plots. Tom and Colt are team members of Plot Spike Seed Company. Plot Spike is making some of the best food plot seed out there for all kinds of wild life. They also run a test plot and research center at the farm as well, with plots to look at and lots of good food plot planting advice.




Total Land Management’s
Whitetail Boot Camp Dates for 2014

$500.00 per person (exceptions for kids ask) 20 hunters in each class.

Bring rubber boots and note book.  No cameras or video thank you.

January - Sat. 25th

March - Sat. 1st

April - Sat. 5th

May - Sat. 24th

I also have done special Boot Camps for groups like churches, hunt clubs or just a group of friends. Call for INFO.

If you have any questions about the Boot Camps or lodging please call. (734) 891-8519

T.L.M.  Whitetail Boot Camps are  $500.00 per person. Food and lodging are not included
Your payment is NONREFUNDABLE. (NOTE: Your payment may be transferred to another date.)

You will receive a confirmation call from us and a Boot Camp ID number when your payment has been received.
To reserve your spot, let us know the camp date you would like to attend and send a Money order or cahiers check to:

Tom Mesnard
PO Box 704
Manchester, MI 48158
(734) 891-8519

Lodging in Chelsea, MI:

Comfort Inn - Chelsea, MI
Holiday Inn Express - Chelsea, MI


This is Tom going over the importance of multiple safe / bedding areas with one of his boot camp classes. He explains how they will help to control bucks and deer movement by making them on their hunting properties.

Other things we cover in a boot camp:

How to obtain h unting permission   How to control the bucks in your area
How to find new hunting land/ property   How to quickly scout for success
Hunting techniques that work anywhere   Sing analysis what to hunt / what not to hunt
How pick good public land hunting spots   Summer scouting where and how
How to hunt public land   Stand placement / how to funnel
Food plot techniques for Public lands   Scent control / methods / products
Food plots A-Z - how / what / when   Q.D.M.
Minerals what to use / where to use it   Stand enter / exit trails how to pick them
How to harvest does and when   How to make neighbors work for you
Gun blinds what to use   How to deal with trespassers / bad hunters

And much more!

This is a picture of a boot camp class in our Plot Spike hunting plots. They could not believe how well this plot was growing on a hump in the middle of a swamp.
These small plots are secondary food sources that are just loaded with vitamins and protein. They are incredibly deadly on big bucks if hunted properly.
We start out with Clover blend and add Quick Stand or New Zealand blend to make the ultimate salad plots. You can see how lush our plots get, Plot Spike seed varieties are nothing short of incredible, we have had seed germinate and be 2-3 inches tall in a week. All of the Plot Spike blends grow well in a verity of soil types and Clover blend "if maintained properly" will last for years.


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