Thanks for the advise at your boot camp.  Results are already being seen.  We had seen this buck at least once a week since Halloween weekend, just never in bow range.  Thanks again.   Thought you might like to see these photos.


Trevor Stephenson 
Mineral Point, Wisconsin



Thanks for all you have done for our hunting land down in Kentucky... you have turned our program around in just two short years we see HUGE bucks all year long now.... And we have Just shot the largest deer to date on the farm 158' 8pt. We are seeing even larger deer but could not pass him with a bow.
Thanks again,
     Greg - Kentucky
Mr Tom,
Thanks for coming down to help me on my farm in Kentucky. You told me at the Ohio deer show you hunt and spend alot of time in Kentucky each year. You are not kidding, what a help you have been.. We had a good food plot program and you improved it and the changes we made to how we hunt the farm are incredible. We have never seen so many deer & turkeys on our place. Even better our neighbors don't shot our big bucks anymore, we do... Thanks Tom!!
   Tony Marrow - Kentucky
Tom Mesnard,
Thanks for the help on my farm in Buffalo County Wisconsin. Before you came we deer cam photos of huge bucks all summer in our plots then.... they would be gone for the year come fall with maybe a sighting in November.  Now with the hunting plan you designed for us we see more and more deer as the year goes on if I was not seeing it I would not believe it.. We now have deer out feeding on our land in the middle of the day in November. We are see big bucks all the time now. I found 7 sheds this spring.. I never found sheds before you came not in 26 years of looking. Thank you so much Tom. If you ever want to hunt our place let me know you are always welcome..
                                                                                                                Jason - Wisconsin

Mr. Mesnard " the deer man"

                                                     Tom your Total Land Management works with out a doubt..!! Since you have came to our farm in Adams county Ohio. We have seen more wildlife than ever not just deer but turkeys as well my boy shot his first turkey this spring. This summer we saw more deer and more big bucks than ever before. What a difference we did not have a lull in late October last year like always if fact we keep seeing more every day.. I shot a 150" ten point last year. (I scent you the picture) I just wanted to write you a little note to say thank you from my son Jimmy and I.
                                                                                                            James Young - Ohio


I wanted to take a moment to say, Thanx!  I, without a doubt, learned more in a day and a half with you then I probably did in the last 31 years.  You surely opened my eyes.  Although, I have had a certain degree of success in the last 10 years; I am more excited about my future prospects, then I could have ever imagined.  I've always said, I wanted to listen to/ learn from guys who are consistently taking quality animals.  But, I believe I now mean, quality guys that are consistently taking big bucks. Again, thanx;love to spend time with you again. As a matter of fact, if you are ever in western Wisconsin, please give me a holler.  If you ever have a hankering to bowhunt Wisconsin, give me a call.  Love to have you hunt my place.  Hell, I would love to run camera, over your shoulder.  Anyhow, take care.  

Troy Bengel
Natural Predator Pro-staff - Wisconsin


I just want to throw out a little endorsement for Tom Mesnards bootcamps- I killed my first buck 29 years ago (1979), first P&Y 24 years ago (1984), started writing for North American Whitetail a decade ago (as well as several other magazines) and even wrote a book on hunting whitetails so I have been doing this a while and have met literally thousands of hunters along the way. Last spring I sat in a booth with Tom Mesnard at 4 deer shows for 3 days each and got to know him and of course talked about hunting whitetails the whole time. I must give Tom credit as I did learn some things from talking to him that I now use in my own hunting and land management ... and I am not easy to impress. To make a long story short, I highly reccomend Toms bootcamps or land managements. Tom has a wall full of nice bucks and keep in mind that he lives and primarily hunts in Michigan. If he lived in Iowa he would be a household name amongst deer hunters.  

Give Tom a call !!
Don Higgins


We have never seen so many bucks on our property heck we have never seen so many deer. I have put to use alot of the things I have learned from the boot camp class I am going to have you come do a land management for our group this winter. Tom thank you so much your boot camp class has changed the way I will look at the way I hunt for ever.

Thank you so much,
Officer Kent Clems Monroe, MI

I am a believer!! Total Land Management works I have never seen as many bucks on my property it is the third day of the season and I have already seen more bucks than I did all of last season. Tom thank you so much for all you have done and are still doing I have called you a dozen time since you came out with little questions you have taken the time to talk with me and and explain what I needed to do.. thanks again. My son and I will be coming up for a boot camp this winter can't wait to see your properties and how they look years into the program.

Scott Harman Fredrick Town, OH


Mr. Mesnard

Your boot camp was awesome! What a fun day, I learned so much I thought my head may explode. You know deer and deer habits like no one I have ever seen or herd of. It is almost like you are part deer or some thing. When you said you wanted to be Grizzly Adams when you where a small boy. I had to laugh because before you said it, I was thinking "man this guy is like a modern day Grizzly Adams." But seriously the way you showed us how to make deer move around by funneling them by stands was awesome. I went home and made funnels by several of my stands the next day. Then the way you tie in the safe areas and food plots and break them up all over your property. You can see how when you're done setting a hunting spot you have the upper hand on the deer and your neighbors. Also the way you keep your records with the Buck Spy program and extensive note keeping Tom that is so impressive. Also the extremes you go to in your scent control, little things most guys would never think of. Just incredible, I would have not believed it if I hadn't seen it my self. I can say to anyone that is not tagging nice bucks on there hunting land every year, call Tom he can help you.

Thanks Tom / "Grizz"
Bob Steiner



You where out to my hunting property at the end of January 2006, Tom I can not believe all the deer we have on our land now, all of the safe areas we made together are loaded with deer. We found the first two Shed antlers we have ever found here. I know you where right, the bucks just where not staying on our land. Let me tell you they are now! It is now April 6, 2006 I have been glassing fields from the spots you showed me. Like you said the deer never know I am there, and I saw 7 bucks in my old food plot last evening, you could already see the lumps on their heads where new antlers are growing. With the new plots we will plant this spring combined with our new safe areas you and I made, I can see we will control the deer like you said. We started our Lucky Buck mineral sites in March and the deer are tearing them up. I thank you for your help, Tom you are wise beyond your years when it comes to deer hunting and land management. You have a gift young man I am glad that you shared it with my family and I. Tom if you ever need a reference tell them to call me.

Mr. Warren


Tom, "The deer man"

When we talk about you that's what we call you "The deer man." You where out to my land in January for a land management. I learned more from you in one day, than I have learned in 31 years of hunting. I can not believe someone your age can be so knowledgeable about deer hunting and habitat for wildlife and deer movement. I do not doubt you at all when you say you do not come out of the woods much. Blown away to say the least, you should do a book or something. The deer are already using the safe areas we made together. I made the funnels by the new stands sites just like you showed me, and I can see from the new trails they will work just like you said. I almost have all of the plot sites cleared and ready to go for spring, you have gotten me more exited to hunt my land than I have been in many years. Tom, I am already seeing more deer on my property. I never thought it would work that fast on my 63 acres, but with how it is set up now it seems much larger. October can't come fast enough. I will keep you posted.

Thank you so much,
Ken Stole


Hi Tom,
Enclosed are some pictures of yourself and our nephew Joe Geromette, taken at the NWTF JAKES event put on by the Washtenaw Smoky Grays. He first shot a bow at a JAKES event 2 years ago, and persuaded his dad to buy him a bow for his birthday this past August. One of his uncles has been coaching him a bit, but he said he learned a lot form you that day. Thank you so much Tom for taking time with him. I think he has found a sport he can enjoy for years to come. Thank you again for helping out at the JAKES event.

Frank Braznetz (District Director, NWTF)
Sandy Braznetz


Mr. Mesnard,
Well I will have to admit that when you where showing me how to hunt my property I was a little skeptical at first about it, you are such a young man and I was thinking can this young guy really walk my land and in a few hours tell me exactly how to set it up with bedding areas, food plots, funnels and show me where to put my stands. As well as how to hunt the property with out the deer knowing I was there. You told me how and showed me how and also explained I had to do my part with sent control and hunting stands at the right time of day. Tom I am now a believer. My son and I had our best deer season ever! We have never had so many deer on our land and we saw bucks almost every time we hunted. Before sometimes we did not see a deer. My son shot his best buck ever a 3 1/2 year old 8pt. That buck was also was the biggest buck ever shot here by anyone. I heard you are doing boot camps now as well save a spot for us.

Thanks, Tom
Mike Johnson




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