Tom Mesnard and Total Land Management
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Horny Buck Seed Co.

Vortex Optics

Jackie’s Deer Lures

MUZZY Broad Heads

Tru Glo



Carbon Synergy

Hunting Science

Stihl Power Tools

Suburban HUMMER of Ann Arbor Michigan








Tom Mesnard owner of Total Land Management has been consulting on hunting properties since 1984. He started setting up hunting properties for hunting permission. Tom has had what he calls a passion and what others call an obsession with whitetail deer hunting, managing hunting properties and manipulating and improving habitat for wild life since we was a very young boy. In 1991 he began consulting as a job and now consults on 100’s of hunting properties each year. Tom Mesnard has set up Hunting properties in 20 states in the US as well as Properties in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario Canada over the last 29 years. He has helped 1,000’s of clients become successful consistent hunters and helped to make their hunting properties the places they have dreamed of. Tom also speaks at Cabelas, Bass Pro shops and Deer expos and Hunting trades shows all across the US every winter.




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